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School development

The School Development Plan is an important document. It focuses the direction of the school and outlines areas of development that the staff and governors are working on together, to further improve the school. A number of strands and developments, both national and from within school, are brought together in the plan. These have been the subject of discussions with staff and governors, and have been informed by the views of parents/carers and pupils.

Following the annual review and evaluation by the Leadership Team and Governors, the following priorities have been identified as our areas for development in 2018-19:

  1. Inclusion: to embed Thrive across the school to further develop children’s social and emotional wellbeing
  2. Teaching: to embed our teaching of Writing to ensure continued rapid improvement and that progress at the end of KS2 is at least average
  3. Parent Partnership: to increase parental engagement and efficacy in Reading at Home to support children to become better writers
  4. Teaching: to ensure that problem solving and reasoning in Maths is consistently embedded within our everyday curriculum throughout school
  5. Curriculum: To review our Primrose Lane Curriculum to confirm it meets the needs of our school and pupils, ensuring that subject leaders are well informed about their subject across all three key stages (EYFS, KS1 & KS2)

School Development Plan aims
The main aim of our 2018/19 School Development Plan is for Primrose Lane to successfully navigate its way through this period of significant and sustained budgetary pressure, whilst sustaining excellence in all that we do. Through the use of very well-managed resources, careful planning and the partnership between staff, pupils, parents, governors, external agencies and professionals and the wider community, we aim to provide the widest possible range of experiences to help children learn. We also aim to serve our school community responsibly and effectively, ensuring equality of access, entitlement and opportunity.