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School Council visited Crossley Street School to have a look at their school pets.

Our Actions for 2016-2017 are

1. To share our packed lunch guidance with everyone in our school and encourage people to follow it.

2. To increase the number of children having our healhty school dinners

3. To set up our very own Primrose Lane Kitchen Garden 
This year we are going to be working on three areas...

1. Raising awareness and money for the following charities: RNLI, Children in Need and Wateraid

2. Making sure we are an active and healthy school

3. To research and hopefully get, a school pet 
So, how are we getting on with our three areas?
1. We organised a fun day in school and raised £300 which we split between the RNLI and Children in Need.

2. We have helped establish a gardening club in school. Mrs Maxwell is leading this on a Wednesday evening and is working with Year 5 children at the moment. They are underway with planting all sorts of exciting vegetables and flowers in the bed infront of Mrs Newton’s office, and in the raised beds near the Year 6 classroom.

3. The School Food Ambassadors are continuing to promote our healthy eating message and we have helped the playleaders in Year 5 start a Golden Mile scheme to encourage children to improve their running skills.

4. In terms of our School Pet project we have been busy. We have visited Crossley Street School in Wetherby and had a look at their chickens. Following this visit we decided that chickens weren’t perhaps the best for us!

We also met with one of our Reception children’s mum, who is also a vet. We asked her lots of questions and decided that the best pet for us would probably be a guinea pig. At the moment we are looking after ‘pretend’ guinea pigs to make sure that we can do it properly. When we’ve finished our trial period, we’ll review how it went and decide if we are able to offer two guinea pigs the happy home they deserve.

5. We also wrote a music quiz to raise money for our latest project: decorating our School Music Room. We also wrote a letter to our PTA to ask them for some financial help in this. As a result of our letter, we have been given £650 to make the improvements we would like. We are incredibly happy with this and are looking forward to getting on with the decorating! We are also looking forward to talking to Mrs Stone, our PTA Chair, with some other ideas that we have!