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Introducing our 2017-18 School Council
Hi, I’m Edward. I am one of the Foundation Stage Reps. I’m looking forward to organising things in school.
Hi, I’m Bryn. I am one of the Foundation Stage Reps. I’m really looking forward to working with Nursery, Reception and Year 1.
Hi, I’m Heidi. I am one of the Year 2 representatives. I’m looking forward to helping people.
Hi, I’m Jacob. I’m one of the Year 4 representatives. I wanted to be on School Council so that I can help make the school a better place.
Hi, I’m Joel and am one of the Year 5 representatives. I’m looking forward to making the school a happy place to be.
Hi, I’m Jack and am one of the Year 6 representatives. I really like helping and sharing ideas so am looking forward to being on School Council this year.
Hi, I’m Lewis. I am one of the Year 3 representatives and I’m looking forward to going on trips this year.
Hi, I’m Kara. I am one of the Year 3 representatives and I’m looking forward to helping make decisions about our school.
Hi, I’m Rosie and I am one of the Year 6 representatives. I’m excited about helping change certain things in our school.
Hi, I’m Tilly and I’m to looking forward to the School Council meetings because they sound fun and I want to help make our school a better place.
Hi, I’m Toby and I’m one of the Year 2 representatives. I’m looking forward to lots of different things this year.
Hi, I’m Zara. I’m one of the Year 4 representatives. I’m looking forward to the meetings, going on trips and helping our school.
Summer 1 News Update from School Council

Last half term the School Council undertook a few important roles. Their first task was to help Mr Jackson organise our Olympian visit which is happening next Friday. This involved liaising with the different classes in school to come up with some ideas for what we could do for our sponsored events.

Mr Simpson asked School Council if we thought it would be a good idea to set up a ‘litter picking group’. We discussed this at length and decided that we didn’t think a specific group was needed, that actually we need to talk about the importance of not dropping litter in the first place.

Following on from our RSPB workshops, each of the classes have decided to make something that will encourage more wildlife to make our school their home. Some classes have completed their projects already, some will be continuing with this over the next few weeks. The projects include planting new flowers, making bug hotels, making bird and butterfly feeders and putting more bird boxes around the school grounds. Mr Simpson has been keeping a close eye on a birds nest in the hedge in our Nursery outside area!

This coming half term will see us organising and carrying out our election for next year’s School Council. More details on this to follow shortly.

School Council
Spring 2 News Update by School Council

RSPB Workshops

Back in February all of the children from Year 1 upwards took part in a workshop led by the RSPB. In each session, the children spent time in the school grounds identifying habitats that already exist

and spotting opportunities for creating new ones. Over the last few weeks we have been thinking about how we can encourage even more wildlife to make Primrose Lane their home.
Over the coming term, the idea is that each class will make something, whether it be bird boxes, fat balls, bat boxes or something else, to entice more wildlife into our grounds. We’ll keep you up to date with what we get up to!

Olympian Visit

Mr Jackson also met with us to discuss something very exciting! He has secured a visit by a medal winning British Olympian to come and visit our school. We have a few more decisions to make in the next couple of weeks and then we’ll let you have some more details.

Autumn 1 News update by School Council

Since coming back to school in September we have been very busy in our School Council meetings and we’d like to share with you what we have been doing.

Firstly, we all got allocated our roles and responsibilities for the Autumn Term. These are as follows…

Chair: Rosie

Vice Chair: Jack

Secretary: Zara

Noticeboard: Kara and Jack

Communications: Lewis

We’ve also been working on our Action Plan for the coming year which has involved liaising with our classes and teachers in school. This year our Action Plan has four main objectives…

  1. Support Charities. The charities we have chosen to support this year are… Children in Need, Leeds Homelessness Charity and Cancer Research.
  2. Improve our outside area. We are planning on creating a wildlife area in our school grounds and repurposing what is currently our sand pit.
  3. Update school policies. Mrs Holmes would like us to help her consult with pupils about certain policies that need reviewing.
  4. Complete music room refurbishment. The majority of the work in our music room is now complete and we are planning on an official opening before Christmas.

Our First Event … Children in Need!

This year we will be supporting Children in Need on Friday 17th November by having a non-uniform day. Our theme for this year is spots so… the spottier the better! School Council will also be running a cake sale at morning play. If you could help by donating any buns/cakes/biscuits that would be great! Everything will be on sale for 20p. Not only that…. School Council are also going to be organising a spotty treasure hunt at lunchtime too! More details to follow!

We have got lots of exciting ideas for the coming year already and hope you will support us in any way you can.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.

School Council

Autumn 2 News update by School Council

Since coming back to school after the October half term holiday we’ve been very busy working on lots of different things.

We’ve been concentrating on supporting two of the charities we have chosen to support this year; Children in Need and Leeds Homeless Christmas Appeal. We had great fun on Children in Need day wearing our own clothes, running our own cake stall and doing a treasure hunt which resulted in us raising over £450!

Imogen in Year 4 wrote School Council a letter asking if we could do something to support the homeless in Leeds and we thought it was a brilliant idea. We did some research and chose to support the Leeds Homeless Christmas Appeal. Paul Emmet, one of the organisers from the charity, came in to visit us on Thursday 30th November and told us about how important supporting the homeless is. We are currently collecting a variety of things to give to the homeless this winter which will hopefully make Christmas a bit more bearable for them.

In addition to that we have also been busy writing a script in preparation for leading our annual Carol Service at St Mary’s Church next week.

We are also pleased to announce that our Music Room refurbishment is now complete and we are underway with organising an official opening on Wednesday 17th January. There will be more details on this to follow in the New Year.

Thank you for reading our Newsletter and we will write again in the New Year to tell you about our future projects which include improving our outside area and updating school policies.

Merry Christmas

School Council

Spring 1 News Update by School Council

Leeds Homeless Shoebox charity

Back in November, we received a letter from Imogen in Year 4 who thought it would be a good idea to help the homeless in Leeds at Christmas.

As a result of this letter, school council decided to take part in the Leeds Homeless Shoebox charity. We collected lots of items to donate, and just before Christmas, Mrs Turnbull and Mrs Reid took everything to one of their collection hubs in Leeds. Here is a photo of us getting ready to pack their cars!


On Thursday 11th January, Jennifer from the PTA came to talk to us about their easyfundraising.org.uk project. Since September, parents who have registered with easyfundraising have managed to raise £232 for our school! We are designing some posters, which you will shortly see around school, to encourage as many people as possible to register. It’s super easy to do and costs you nothing!

In a nutshell this is how it works. When you are buying something online, if you logon to the easyfundraising page first, you can search for the shop you are going to make your purchase from, and the easyfundraising website will direct you to their homepage. When you make your purchase online, a percentage of what you spend is donated to the school fundraising account.

Please visit easyfundraising.org.uk to find out more and register your details.


One of the areas our School Council would really like to work on this year is improving our school grounds. They are very keen to create designated areas around school to encourage wildlife to make their homes. Therefore, they have arranged for the RSPB to visit school and carry out some exciting workshops. These workshops have been planned over two days - Friday 9th February and Friday 23rd February. Each class, from Year 1 upwards, will participate in a ninety minute session where they will score our school grounds for nature - identifying habitats that already exist and spotting opportunities for creating new ones.

The timetable for the workshops is as follows...

Fri 9th Feb
9am-10.30am: Year 6
10,45am-noon: Year 2
1.30pm-3pm: Year 4

Fri 23rd Feb
9am-10.30am: Year 3
10,45am-noon: Year 5
1.30pm-3pm: Year 1

There is no cost for the sessions but could we please ask that your child brings suitable footwear and clothing for being outside on that day. If you have a particular interest in wildlife, you are more than welcome to join your class for their workshop. Please let your class teacher know.