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Sainsburys School Games Quality Mark

Over this academic year, I’m sure your children have enjoyed participating and competing in various sports and small games, as well as learning within their two hours of PE per week. There is now a huge focus on PE and Sport in all schools, not just to encourage healthy active lifestyles, but also to develop the children’s social and emotional enjoyment, which has been shown to link to success within other areas of the curriculum.

This year, again, primary schools have received funding called Sport Premium, which is ring-fenced and can only be used to specifically develop Physical Education (PE), sport and physical activity in school. After an evaluation, schools have then been awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold award or nothing at all within the Sainsbury’s School Games Quality Mark. The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success. As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded again this year.

Following our recent application, Primrose Lane is very proud to announce that we achieved the Gold for the Sainsburys School Games Quality Mark, maintaining our award from the last two years, which is a fantastic achievement! We would like to congratulate all staff and children for their efforts and cooperation within PE and Sport and hope it continues to progress further. Congratulations have also been received from SSCos Jon Lynsky from Boston Spa High School and Julie Smyth from Wetherby High School, as well as Partnership Development Manager Shaun Mulhern.

If you have any questions or suggestions of ways of further developing the PE and Sport here at Primrose Lane, please come and see Mr Jackson (PE and Sport Coordinator).
Cup Games

Moran Cup, Primrose 2 -2 Moortown; Moortown win on penalties (Player of the match: Henry E; Goalscorers: Henry M and Henry E).

Individual Success

Primrose Lane would like to congratulate Charlie Courtman on his recent offer of signing for the full-time training model at Manchester City Football Club. He has represented Manchester City for a number of years now, travelling the world to play against some of the best teams, and he has stood out to succeed in being chosen to progress to the next stage. He is going to be going to a school in Manchester for Year 7 onwards to further his ambitions and we hope the best for him. Well done Charlie!
Intra Competitions and Participation
Motivational Assembly

On Friday 7th December 2018, the whole school were fortunate enough to have Phil Nilsen in to talk to us about his experiences throughout his rugby union career, how he got there and what helped him achieve his goals. His inspiration has already got some of the children talking and thinking about their goals and what they’d like to achieve.

Phil showed how he started off playing rugby at a young age, enjoyed it and wanted to pursue it as a career. When at 16, he was signed by professional clubs and began taking it more seriously. Since then, he has played for various clubs including Leeds Tykes, Leeds Carnegie and now still at Coventry. He also represented England at 17 years of age, gaining early success.

Phil has gone through many injuries and knock-backs, but has persevered through to get to where he is now. He is now one of the most senior players and comes with a wealth of experience to support the younger players and offer his expertise. This also stems from his education, where he graduated with a Sports Science degree. This has all helped in inspiring the children to aim towards a goal, know that there will be set-backs and challenges, but it can be done through hard work…..and once that goal is achieved, the need to work even harder is essential. This was shown in a video shown by Phil on training he does every day in order to stay at the top of his game.

We’d like to thank Phil for coming to inspire us and share his experiences.
Whole School Skipping day, October 2018
On Friday 12th October 2018, each class from Reception-Year 6 participated in a skipping festival hosted by the company Skipping Schools, led by Jodi. The day was fabulous, with all children learning the benefits of skipping for physical activity and health, as well as socially playing in the playground and outside of school. Children also learnt about persevering and if they struggled, carried on giving it a go. Each class learnt how to safely skip, as well as various different techniques, ranging from ‘double-dutch, hopping, split legs, speed skip, side step, back-to-back, change places, side-swing, pretzel’; and many more! Children and staff alike found how tiring it can be, as our heart rates raced up quite quickly. We all loved the experience. Here are what some of the classes had to say about the day:


Reception really enjoyed their skipping workshop with Jodi. We played the train game and took it in turns to run through the tunnel! Darcie and Elliot were fantastic leaders and Elizabeth amazed us all with some solo skipping on the rope!
Year 1:

Ella: ‘I enjoyed skipping in assembly.’
Hughie: ‘I can skip now but I couldn't skip yet in Reception.’
Tallulah: ‘I liked the skipping assembly.’
Year 2:

Henry: ‘It was good I liked to do the hop skip.’
Susie: ‘It was quite tricky when I first started but then it got a bit easier.’
Bella: ‘It was very fun!’
Victoria: ‘It was fun to try and do face to face.’

Year 5:
Henry M: ‘I very much enjoyed learning the ‘Texas Star’ and getting to perform it in front of the whole school’
Safina: ‘I really enjoyed doing the ‘double-under’ – it was really fun’
Wilson: ‘It was really enjoyable doing the ‘Pretzel’ in front of the whole school’
Bobby: ‘It was a fascinating experience to see Jodi and do the skipping’
Beth: ‘I enjoyed doing the ‘Pretzel’ backwards in front of the whole school’
Year 6:

Harvey: "I thought the skipping brightened up my day and I really want to do it again. I could've done it forever. This lesson made me better at skipping"
Eve: "It was really fun to watch! Everyone was going so quick and so fast. It was hard to keep up with everyone"
Tilly: "I enjoyed skipping today because in the 'run-jump-out', we got faster and faster and in the end it felt like I was running in circles. It was also fun because we had a good time with friends'
Austin: "I think it is encouraging and a good experience for all of us. I most enjoyed the run-jump-out!"
Kai: "I liked it so much. I enjoyed the run-jump-out because I was good at it and I did better than last time! It was fun!"
Inter Competitions
Road to Wembley Football Round 1 Competition 2018

On Tuesday 27th November, Primrose Lane Primary School competed in the Road to Wembley Football Competition at Football World. There were various other teams throughout Leeds that entered, and we were drawn in a group with Greenlane, St Theresa’s and Great Preston.

Toby S, Charlie C, Jacob T, Ben T, Sam F, Joel B, Rhys T and Sam A.

The results were brilliant, as follows:
Primrose Lane 4 – 0 Great Preston (Goals: Ben x2, Charlie and Joel)
Primrose Lane 2 – 2 Greenlane (Goals: Ben and Charlie)
Primrose Lane 7 – 3 St Theresa’s (Goals: Ben x3, Charlie x3 and Joel)

We therefore got into the semi-finals against Whittkirk, who we drew 1-1 with, but then beat on penalties. You can see from the video on the website one of our penalties and Toby’s save that won us the match!

Primrose Lane went through to the final, meaning irrespective what happened, they were through to the next round. Unfortunately we lost the final, but this has just spurred to the team on to improve further for the next round! There were wonderful performances by all players, who showed excellent teamwork, gamesmanship and determination. Congratulations must go to everyone. We’d also like to thank the adults who supported on the day. Good luck in the next round!

Mr Jackson (PE and Sport Coordinator)
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Athletics Competition, November 2018 Years 5-6

On Monday 27th November 2018, pupils from Years 5 and 6 represented the school again and competed in the Semi Finals of the Sports Hall Athletics Competition. The events again involved girls competing against each other and the boys competing against each other, then the results combined to give an overall score. The events that the children competed in were individual races (along with hurdles), relay races (again with hurdles also), obstacle relays, standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, chest push, vertical jump and bull-nosed javelin. The team did themselves proud, competing to the end and winning many of the events. However, on this occasion, we didn’t make it through, but were very proud of our achievements, and we came out smiling! Well done team.

Athletics Competition, October 2018 Years 5-6

On Wednesday 17th October 2018, pupils from Years 5 and 6 represented the school and competed in the local Sports Hall Athletics Competition. The events involved girls competing against each other and the boys competing against each other, then the results combined to give an overall score. The team did exceptionally well and behaved impeccably, resulting in WINNING the competition by a significant margin and going through to the Semi-Final! The events that the children competed in were individual races (along with hurdles), relay races (again with hurdles also), obstacle relays, standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, chest push, vertical jump and bull-nosed javelin.


Congratulations to the whole team and good luck in the Plate Final!
Cross Country Competition
On 8th October 2018, 30 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in a cross country competition held at Brigshaw High School. The children represented Primrose Lane excellently; showing impeccable behaviour, fabulous sportsmanship and great perseverance.

All the children put in their best efforts and cheered each other through every race! It was fabulous to watch the children make their best efforts to do their personal bests in the race.



We have now received results to suggest that our Year 4 Girls, Year 5 Boys, Year 6 Boys and Year 6 Girls have all qualified to the City Finals in March 2019! Although, Year 4 Boys and Year 5 Girls didn’t make it through, they are ran their hearts out and achieved some excellent results. Congratulations to all competitors! There must be particular mentions for both Year 5 Boys and Year 6 Boys who won their groups by a large margin! Additionally, congratulations must go to Charlie C and Sam A individually for coming first in the race for their whole age group! Thank you to all the parents/carers who turned up on the day to show their support and help Mr Jackson and Mrs Cooper with the team. We look forward for next round to do it all again, but until then, well done competitors!



Wetherby Football Tournament

Team: Charlie C, Toby S, Benjamin T, Sam F, Daniel H, Sam A, Joel B, Jacob T, Jude T and Rhys T.

“On Wednesday 26th September, the newly formed Primrose Lane football team went to the first tournament of the year. Here is a run-down of what happened.

Game 1 vs St James 2-0 It was one way traffic throughout the whole game with Primrose all over the opposition with the first goal from a slick move and finished by Benjamin. Shortly afterwards, Joel added to our tally.

Game 2 vs Deighton Gates 5-0 Our best game so far with amazing passing and reading of the game. Our best goal was where Toby rolled it out to Charlie and we worked it up to Benjamin who hammered it in!

Game 3 vs Crossley Street 0-0 This game was ‘even-stevens’, with Primrose having a fair share of the ball. However, Crossley Street had the best chance of the game, but it was spectacularly saved by Toby. Phew!

Game 4 vs St Mary’s 5-0 This game was so one-sided with Primrose dominating that only scoring 5 goals was a disappointment! Sam F bagged a goal and Benjamin got 4 past the St. Mary’s keeper!

Game 5 vs Whitkirk 0-0 Our final group game was not the best we’ve ever played with us having the better chances, but just not being able to stick them away.

Semi Final vs Swarcliffe 2-0 Once again we had more possession and better chances, giving a comfortable win for Primrose Lane, with Sam A and Benjamin on the score sheet.

Final vs Whitkirk 1-0 Primrose were on top coming into the final. A few minutes into the game, Jacob found Daniel on the wing, floated a wonderful cross to the back post and who else but Captain Courtman was positioned perfectly to win the tournament with a great goal! We were fortunate enough to video footage of this goal below!

Player of the tournament (voted for by the team): Charlie C and Sam A.”

Written by Benjamin T and Toby S

After Mr Jackson had to dash off (to have a baby!), Toby’s dad got a late call to manage the team at the tournament – so our thanks go to him for stepping in to help! Congratulations to the team who didn’t concede a single goal throughout the tournament. The football you played was fantastic and you were a credit to the school. Well done!

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Commando Fitness
Commando Fitness is a lunchtime club that children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 can take part. The aim of the club is to improve the overall fitness and stamina of those that participate, as well as to encourage team work. Those that take part learn that to improve fitness requires commitment and determination. The exercises are varied and include running, tyre runs, log carries, press-ups and sit-ups and many more.

There are new activities like stretcher racing and tug-of-war which builds team spirit.

All the recruits have realised that there is an added bonus to their participation, which is the chance to roll around in mud with adult permission! Scientists have proven that mud has youth sustaining properties, so any members of staff wishing to test the theory please feel free to come along and try it for yourselves!

Commando Fitness
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