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Welcome to Reception's Class Page
We are a happy and caring class and throughout the year we will enjoy boundless opportunities to flourish and shine. We will follow our own interests and learn through themes planned by ourselves in our creative, fun and engaging environment. We will focus on subjects such as Phonics, Literacy and Maths, as well as other areas of the Early Years Curriculum. Here you will find important letters, class information and shared learning experiences.
Role Play

In Reception we love to engage and play in the role play area. It helps to build our confidence and let's us use our imaginations. We have really enjoyed pretending to be hairdressers and clients in our very own salon.


We had a wonderful afternoon engaging in a skipping festival. We worked really hard and enjoyed playing skipping games and pretending to be trains. We were so brave running under the skipping rope and we all jumped as high as we could!


We really enjoyed going on an Autumn walk. We worked in pairs and had a clipboard with a list of autumnal items to find. We collected lovely colourful leaves, conkers, pinecones and acorns. We used these to make wonderful autumn pictures.

We are artists!

As part of our topic work we created wonderful self -portraits inspired by Pablo Picasso. We used pastels for the first time and thought really carefully about the colours we used. Come and see them in the classroom!

Stay and Learn

In Reception we welcomed our parents for our first stay and learn. We had a wonderful turn out and the classroom was full of children and parents engaging in lots of activities. We want to say a big thank you to everyone that came as we had a lovely morning.

Here is what we thought:

“I liked playing with my Mummy in the hairdressers” – Lucy
“ I showed Mummy what I do in school” – Maisie
“I made some letters in the playdough with Mummy, it was fun!” – Lillie
“I think that Daddy had fun!” – Oliver S
“I played with the magnets with my Mummy” Ciaran


In Maths we enjoyed going on a number around school. We used the iPads to take photos of the numbers that we found.


We were all so excited to start our Phonics learning this week. We met Fred the Frog, who is our special helper and can only say and read words in sounds. We have learnt the sounds m,a,s,d and t so far and we all tried really hard to form the sounds in our new writing books.


We really enjoyed PE this week! We all tried really hard to dress and undress independently. We played lots of games and thought carefully about finding a space in the hall.

Rhyme of the Week

Each week we will be learning a new Rhyme in Reception. This week it was all about an Elephant and his nose! We were able to locate the title, say where to start reading and we worked really hard to find the letter 'a'.


This week, Reception welcomed their ‘Year 5 Buddies’ to the classroom for the first time. Now we have settled into Primrose Lane school life, the wonderful Year 5 children have helped us to make new friends, play, feel safe and become more independent. We have got to know each other this week, eaten together and played together outside.

Here's what some of them have said:
“ I played hide and seek with my buddy, it was so much fun!” – Maisie
“My buddy showed me some new football skills.” - Oliver V
“I liked it when my buddy helped me with my dinner.” - Oliver S
‘’I like the Buddies because you get to look after them and play with them.’’ – Ellie
‘’My buddy is Oliver and I could not have asked for anyone else! Oliver is very enthusiastic and loves to run around. My favourite time is lunch time with him as he impresses me using his manners.’’ – Grace
‘’I really like the buddy system. I think it is a good idea and it is really fun. My buddy is Bethany and I like showing her around the playground and eating lunch with her.’’ - Florence

Our first few days in Reception.

We have had a fantastic start in Reception and the children have settled in beautifully. We are enjoying exploring our new classroom, getting to know each other and having lots of fun!