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Welcome to Year Two's Page
Year 2 Key Information

Welcome to Year 2! Please find some documents below to inform you about the expectations for the end of year 2 as well as information about spellings for the start of the year.


The children have been working really hard on their place value understanding. Many of the children have been finding it tricky to add and take 10. Here is a game we have enjoyed using to help with this https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/chopper-squad Some of us have then been working out how you can use this knowledge to add 20 more or 20 less. Some of us then challenged ourselves to find 30 more and 30 less!

We have been looking at the bar model as well as how to partition numbers and use partitioning and base 10 drawings to help us add 2 digit numbers add 2 digit numbers. In addition we have been enjoying learning about fact families such as knowing

4+ 6 = 10 so 6 +4 = 10
10 - 4 = 6 and 10 - 6 = 4.

We have then been exploring other related facts that we can know from these such as 40 + 60 = 100 and then using the fact family idea to see the extra facts we can make.

Computing and Purple Mash

The children have been developing their skills on the laptops and the learn pads. They have been learning about how to navigate around Purple Mash and use google chrome for research on Peru. We have been using our research to write a postcard on Purple Mash from Peru. In addition we have been using 2 paint to show what we think an autumnal tree would look like compared to other seasons in the year.

To help us develop our reading comprehension skills many of the children have been using serial mash to read chapters of a story online and then answer questions and complete some grammar activities linked to that chapter of the book.

Art work

The children have been using collage techniques to create a Paddington Bear face. Paint and other media could also be used and the children have gone about this in different ways and styles.

Paddington’s adventures in Year 2!

Paddington Bear has been getting up to a lot of mischief in Year 2 recently. He has been helping the children learn about using question marks and exclamation marks.

Rupert decided Paddington would say… Please can I get a drink from my water bottle?

Tallulah – Put yourself on the well done board Paddington!

Ted- Tidy those books up now!

In addition, he has been acting out some movements created by the children to show how to use an adverb to add more interest to how he did something.

Hughie – Stupidly Paddington Bear got himself stuck into one of the trays.

Emily – Paddington Bear carefully pulled down the blinds in the classroom.

Imogen, Daisie and Eshal – Paddington Bear lined up ready for lunch smartly and sensibly.

Paddington Bear has also been writing to us from many places about his adventures. He has sent us postcards from Ireland, Scotland, The Lake District, London, Australia and Sri Lanka! We have enjoyed learning about where these places are on a map and how they are similar and different to Boston Spa.

PE and Teamwork!

Our theme this month is Trust and we have been thinking about how we can show someone we trust them and how we can be trusted. In PE we had a team challenge that involved a lot of trusting. One person in our team had to be blindfolded and they had to trust the words of others to direct them to where they needed to be. We had to make sure that no one touched the lava (bean bag!). We really enjoyed this activity and found it very exciting!

Season Hunt!

We have also been on a scavenger hunt to find clues about the season we are in. We had to work as a team and find anything that helped us to know about what season we were in. We thought about how each season was different and which season was our favourite and why. Lots of us liked summer and winter best, especially if it snowed!


In maths we have been developing our understanding of 2 digit numbers and how to partition them. We have also been on a treasure hunt to look for items from around the classroom. This involved a lot of counting. In maths we have also been learning a ‘Baby Shark’ themed counting song which many of the children love to do! To make it trickier sometimes Miss Dealtry pauses the song so we have to freeze and share the next number or we have to think what is 1 more or 1 less.

Year 2

Year 2 have settled really well and shown a lot of increased independence, particularly on a morning. We have been creating our class rules and getting used to our new routines. A lot of us have done a great job with moving places on our Superhero well done board. We are working on increasing our learning super powers!