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Spring Term 2023 Music Update

Click on the link to get a taste of our music making at Primrose Lane from nursery to Year 6, Live Music to Choir. Be sure to attend our Spring Concert on 21st March 2023 @2pm to see it for yourself!

We are so excited to be making music in school this new school year! This week, we have had a rousing Singing Assembly and KS2 choir has started weekly rehearsals; we had almost 80 pupils in the first session!  Also, I am delighted that just over 50% of our pupils from Year 4 – Year 6 are taking individual peripatetic music lessons and have had their first lesson. It is clear that covid hasn’t damped Primrose Lane’s love of music. We remain the proud of our Music Mark Lead School and Leeds Champion School status.  What a privilege it is to work in a school with such a rich variety of music-making and such talented, enthusiastic children!


What music-making is going on in school?

  • Every class from Nursery to Year 2 are being taught music every week by Mrs Dockree (Y1) or Miss Giles (Reception music and Y2 music). In KS2 (Y3-Y6) children are taught by Mrs Crowther, a music specialist;
  • Every Tuesday we have a whole school Singing Assembly;
  • To start the Singing Assemblies, we have a ‘Live Music’ slot where instrumentalists have an opportunity to perform. This inspires and entertains the other children and is a wonderful opportunity to play a piece that is ready. We have already heard Harvey in Y3 perform ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ on his guitar - needless to say, the crowd went wild! Please encourage your child to chat to Mrs Crowther or their class teacher if they want to perform in a relaxed environment (with a very forgiving audience) on a Tuesday;
  • KS2 Choir meets every week on Thursdays. There are no auditions, all are welcome. We will be working on modern ‘pop’ songs as well as more traditional choral music for children, aiming to develop 2 and 3 part singing and confidence. Please have a think at home about whether or not your child(ren) would like to join – we’ll have lots of fun!
  • Practise – if your child learns an instrument (in or out of school), they are allowed to bring in their instruments to practise together at break or lunchtime in the KS2 area. Mrs Crowther is also around so if anyone needs help tuning instruments for advice on musical issues e.g tricky rhythms etc. or just someone to perform to, she is there;
  • Our peripatetic music lessons have started already! We welcome back Mrs Hedington, who is teaching flute, saxophone, clarinet and oboe on Wednesdays. A warm welcome to Mr Homer who is new to school; he will be teaching percussion on Fridays. I can’t wait to hear the instrumentalists perform in our concerts and Live Music sessions throughout the year.  If you have any questions about woodwind or percussion lessons, please contact Mrs Ford in the school office for more information;
  • Whole class music lessons are part of the new music curriculum. We always taught recorder to classes but had to stop because of Covid. From January, we are excited to announce that Miss Giles will begin teaching recorder in weekly music lessons in Year 2 and Mrs Crowther will teach recorder in Year 3. In Janurary, Mrs Crowther will be teaching whole class ukulele lessons in Year 4. Letters with more information about purchasing recorders and books will be sent out later this term;
  • As we progress through our new long term plan for music, we will continue with half a term of recorder teaching and half a term of ukulele teaching in Years 5 and 5 and 6 so that when pupils leave us, they will be able to read music and be quite confident playing 2 instruments. Hopefully they will have fostered a life-long love of music!
  • We will hold a KS2 Music Concert at the end of each term. These concerts are for pupils who have instrumental lessons in our out of school and the school choir. If your child’s piece needs a piano accompaniment, please give it to Mrs Crowther in time for her to practise with your child;
  • There will, of course,  be ‘usual’ key events throughout the year such as the Nativity, Carol Service and Summer Production, details of which will be provided nearer the time;
  • There is also lots of ‘incidental’ singing going on in classes to aid learning e.g. singing times tables songs.


If you have any questions about peripatetic music lessons, the contact is Mrs Ford in the office, any other music questions, please ask Mrs Crowther - feel free to email on crowtherh@primroselane.leeds.sch.uk . We look forward to a year of wonderful music-making and performances!

Music Long Term Plan 2022-23

As well as learning how to play the recorder and the ukulele at Primrose Lane, we often play the glockenspiel. Here, Year 2 are performing a beautiful song called Rainbows. Enjoy...

Living on a Prayer

When Singing Assemblies and Choir were on hold, nothing can stop Year 5 from rocking out! We have been working on the Bon Jovi classic: Living on a Prayer which includes a tricky glockenspiel part (including F#) and, this week, we had a woodwind group of talented flute and oboe players, too!\r\n\r\nThis video is far from perfect and isn\'t the \'finished product\' but the love of music making really shines through.\r\n\r\nEnjoy!

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We are delighted to announce that we have been recognised asa MUSIC MARK SCHOOL!