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Welcome to Year Six's Page

Welcome to Year 6’s class page. It has been an incredibly busy start to the year, not least with the recent residential to Lineham Farm. On this page you will find:
  • A weekly learning blog written by the children explaining what has been happening in class
  • Information and documents that may help with home learning
  • Regular updates on our learning and the latest news in Year 6

Please do visit us in Year 6 if you have any questions!

Lineham Farm

When Year 6 went to Lineham Farm, they all thoroughly enjoyed it. From stepping off the bus onto the Lineham lane, the adventure began. They all walked the mile to the border of Lineham Farm and took the first picture. 

Each group contained seven to eight people. Each group ( red , yellow, green or blue) had an opportunity to do every activity. All of the activities but two were done with two groups-cycling and archery.

Each activity challenged everyone. These activities were made to help everyone get better and to be able to achieve their. The activities were:

  • Cycling            
  • Archery
  • Climbing / Jacob’s ladder
  • Lineham Explorers
  • Orienteering
  • Crate stack
  • Low ropes/ Nightline
  • Bush craft

In cycling, people were challenged to go up bigger ramps and gain confidence. In archery, everyone got the chance to learn about the parts of a bow and arrow. The coach also helped everyone hit a bulls-eye. When climbing, everyone who said they couldn’t , ended up reaching the top.

During Lineham Explorers, not only did people get to feed the sheep, pigs( Murrphy, Lotus and Jasmine), goats-Tom and Jerry- and peacock, Jeff, we got to look at some bones of the local wildlife. After this, we got to look in the woods at owl pellets, birds and deer tracks.

During Orienteering, everyone started indoors with letters dotted around the Games room. We had to solve the anagram, which mad up Lineham Farm J. Then we went outside and found a 16 point map. We also learnt the points were called Control points.

In crate stack, we all got 20 minutes to stack as many crates as possible. The top amount was 13.

In low ropes, we got to try the platform challenge. This is when you get a platform to fit everyone on. You swing on a rope to the platform.  Then you get a smaller platform, then smaller. The most people on the smallest platform was five.

In nightline, you got to walk through a stream to the destination. Then some people got blindfolded and went through a series of obstacles  getting extremely muddy.

During Bush craft, we got to put up tarps with several knots to make a shelter. We used the rabbit ear knot , which was the only one everyone struggled with. After we put up the tarps we set up a fire. We used cotton wool, vaseline and dead wood. To light the fire, we used flint and steel. We tasted marshmallows , popped popcorn and drank hot chocolate.

For evening actives, we went on a night walk around Lineham Farm forest. We also had a games night. On Wednesday , we had a campfire. On the last night, we had a movie night –when we watched the Incredibles.

The whole week was a fantastic experience enjoyed by all of the children. We worked on our teamwork skills as well as developing our independence. We solved problems and overcame challenges and when we were nervous our friends supported us and helped us to overcome our fears. We learnt new skills not only through the activities but also about how to look after ourselves by cleaning our rooms, preparing our beds and setting up at mealtimes. Lineham Farm was an incredible experience and we loved it all!

Lineham Farm was a great experience.

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Creating a Benin clay animal model

We created clay models based on important animals from the ancient kingdom of Benin- the guild of craftsmen would have created offerings to the Obas (Kings) to gain favour.

Year 6 Gem Groups